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as almost any other refractory material. Taken all in all, it may be considered a fortunate thing for the rest of the world that good coking coal does not exist in the Steiermark.
There is a deposit of brown coal near by, and Styria in 1899 raised 2,624,000 tons, or about ten per cent, of the total output of Austria. It is the only province besides Bohemia that does produce a large quantity, but there is no bituminous coal found in the Empire, except in the northern provinces. The predominant steel producer in the district is the Alpine Montan Gesellschaft, and mention has already been made of the furnace plants smelting the ore of the Erzberg. The one great steel works is at Donawitz, near Leoben, which has lately been'entirely rebuilt. There are also modern plate and universal mills at Zeltweg. Table XXVII-F gives a list of the principal works in Styria.
List of Steel Works in Styria (Steiermark).
This district Is marked on the map as No. 3.
Name of Plant.	Location.	No. of Bessemer Converters.		No, of Open Hearth Furnaces.		Annual Output ; tons.
		Acid.	Basic.	Acid.	Basic.	
	Donawitz.				13 2 2	160,000 20,000 25,000
	Neuberg . .			3		
SEC. XXVile.—Hungary:
The iron industry of Hungary is scattered, but half of all the pig-iron is made in the northern portion in the counties of Szepes, Gomor, Borsod and their immediate neighborhood. Considerable ore is found in this district, the deposit .being a spathic carbonate which must be calcined. In 1899 there were 1,337,000 tons of ore raised in this field, about 30 per cent, of this being exported. The works at Witkowitz in Moravia owns mines here, and in 1899 took 200,-000 tons of ore from Borsod county, which was nearly all it produced, while a considerable quantity is sent from other mines to Bohemia and German Silesia, the works at Friedenshiitte owning mines near Kotterbach. Out of 67 blast furnaces in Hungary there are 37 in this Szepes Iglo district. Most of them are small, some